Donations from our 4th Annual Spring Fundraiser will be supporting these efforts:

Cancer Institute of New Jersey – Research led by: Dr. Roger Strair

  • Improving stem cell transplantation by developing new techniques utilizing umbilical cord blood as source of donor cells
  • Developing new therapeutics for patients with acute leukemia
  • Identifying the critical cells that sustain the growth of lymphomas
  • Isolation of the active leukemia-killing components of selected natural products

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, England – Research led by: Professor T. Andrew Lister

  • Survivorship between 5 and 40 years after treatment for leukemia and lymphoma, with a view to determining the needs of patients in follow-up in the 21st century and inform decisions about how the clinics should be run.
  • A special emphasis on trying to find out if those treated in childhood or as adolescents have different needs from those treated as adults.

University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center – Research led by: Dr. Edward Stadtmauer

  • Laboratory investigations to understand the origins of blood cancers including chromosomal trans-locations, chromatin remodeling, and transcription factors
  • Investigations to define how abnormal signal proteins and their receptors promote blood cancers by allowing transformed cells to respond to environmental stimuli
  • Investigation of the immune response to malignant cells to develop more effective immune-based therapies for blood cancers
  • Continuing a blood and bone marrow banking and animal model facility to learn more about the biology of malignant cells
  • Designing and conducting innovative clinical trials of more targeted less toxic drugs, immune therapies and bone marrow transplant based on these scientific discoveries


October 5, 2010

Dear George,

We would like to thank you for your generosity in support of the Serving it up for Godfrey Round Robin Tennis Event and Silent Auction, held on Sunday, September 26th at The Hopewell Valley Golf Club.

Serving it up for Godfrey event was an incredible success! We all enjoyed an afternoon cookout filled with friends, tennis and fun. We are grateful for your show of support and sincerely appreciate your contribution. The proceeds from this event will directly benefit the Turnbull family.

In a few weeks, Jason Dratman and I will personally deliver the proceeds from Serving it up for Godfrey to the Turnbull family. We thank you for your kind generosity and involvement in the event.


Team Serving it up for Godfrey

Carrie Ellis and Jason Dratman



September 03, 2009

Dear Mr. Wolf,

On behalf of the Trustees at Barts and The London Charity, thank you for your generous donation of $10,000. As requested your donation will be contributed to Professor Lister’s Leukaemia and Lymphoma Fund where it will be put to good use.

For over half a century the cancer services at Barts have been at the forefront of research into the causes, investigation and treatment of many forms of cancer. Today, members of the medical, nursing and technical staff continue to work on projects that are designed to advance our knowledge and thereby improve our ability to fight these malignant diseases in more effective ways.

The funds available to support this valuable work are limited, so donations dedicated to research are vital. On behalf of all those who will benefit, thank you once again for your support.

Yours sincerely,

Caroline Lane

Director of Fundraising


Thank you – by Debra

December 20, 2007

Dear George Wolf,

I wanted to share with you another opportunity we had on Rhoads 7 to honor the courage and spirit of Greg.  We identified a family we could help who has struggled with the loss of a wife and mother.  This young mother with Leukemia was an immigrant from Mexico and her children did not have sufficient winter clothes for Philadelphia.  We know this gift will help them with their day to day struggles.  We gave $300 from Greg’s fund to help out.  Hope all is well with you and yours.  We are privileged to be a part of Greg’s legacy and continue his good works.


Debra, RN, OCN

Iterim Nurse Manager Rhoads 7