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Greg Wolf
NEW! 8th Annual Spring Benefit - June 2, 2015. Register Today and Help Fight Leukemia.

September 25, 2105

7th Annual Fall Benefit
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June 2, 2015

8th Annual Spring Benefit
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September 26, 2014

6th Annual Fall Benefit
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June 9, 2014

7th Annual Spring Benefit
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Oct 2013

Thank you to all who helped make the 5th Annual Fall Benefit our best yet!

Greg (age 10) with his father, George

A Message from George Wolf, President and Chairman of
the Greg Wolf Fund

During the many hours Greg and I filled with conversation during his hospital stays, Greg often asked me “why is it that millions of dollars are raised to fight cancer and not more of it gets to the patients?”

Many cancer victims are forced to fight the battle with little or no money, much too often without insurance. Sometimes, it’s only a few dollars the patient needs to provide bus fare for a family member to visit or a few hundred dollars to buy a prescription, and yet sometimes its millions of dollars needed to continue to fund the research for blood diseases of all types.

And that’s what we do best.

The Greg Wolf Fund gets the money directly to the patients for whatever their needs whenever they need it. QUICKLY. We fund cancer research as well, specifically for blood diseases, such as leukemia and lymphoma and other related blood cancers. details

Greg (age 9) with newborn Maura and Joe (age 4)

We encourage this form of communication as it is through this form of remembrance that we keep their hopes and dreams alive, and help us heal. We continue to honor Greg through The Greg Wolf Fund, which has been created in his spirit of generosity and deep sense of caring for others.  Here we would be proud to honor your loved ones as well. details

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