The Greg Wolf Fund was established on January 19, 2005, to commemorate the life of Gregory Joseph Wolf, by his family and by friends who feel privileged to have had Greg touch their lives. Throughout his twenty-three years, Greg led a beautifully vibrant and full life. In the fall of 2002, at the age of 20, Greg was diagnosed with leukemia. It was during Greg’s battle with leukemia that his spirit, fierce determination and sense of humor in dealing with every aspect of his daily life gave strength to all around him. The mission of this fund is to honor Greg’s life as a “man for others,” and to perpetuate his generous spirit by giving back to the institutions and organizations that ultimately defined Greg’s life, in health, and in sickness.

The fund will make research contributions to the hospitals and foundations that so carefully treated and supported Greg during his battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.
Most recently, at the direction of the Board of Directors, The Fund pledged $50,000 annually for five years to St Bartholomew’s Hospital, and $50,000 annually for five years to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania, for a total commitment of $500,000 in GWF Research Grants.

While there were no restrictions placed on the use of these funds, it is intended that the monies will be used to fund research, studies and clinical trials specifically related to and directed towards the care, treatment and cure of hematological malignancies. An oversight committee was formed by each institution to approve the use of the funds, and Drs. Lister and Stadtmauer, members of The Greg Wolf Fund Board, were named to serve as a member of both committees. The underlying goal is for these two great institutions to work together and to team up in an effort to win the battle against hematological malignancies.

The fund also contributes its resources to aid in the care and comfort of young cancer patients and their families. To date, The Fund has given Grants in excess of $150,000 to worthy families.

The Board of Directors, Officers and Members of the Advisory Board of The Greg Wolf Fund pledge to all of those who support the Fund, whether through contributions or service, to ensure that Greg’s spirit, indomitable will to live, deep faith in God, and love of humankind will live on and will triumph in the battle against cancer.